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Amish Mystery Cozies: Recommended New Cozy Mystery Books

If you enjoy reading Amish fiction but like a bit of mystery to go along, then this is a perfect sub-genre of cozy mysteries for you! The sweet, simple, peaceful feel of an Amish story, spiced up with some sort of mystery makes for a lovely read.

Animal Cozies:  Recommended New Cozy Mystery Books

The animal cozy mystery sub-genre is the literal definition of cozy. Whether it’s a single cat sidekick in a series, a best dog friend, or even a group of animals who are the actual characters of the story, if you love animals, then you enjoy these books.

Check out this month’s latest recommendations of new animal cozy mystery books!

Beach, Coastal & Island Cozies: Recommended New Cozy Mystery Books

I’m not actually sure why I love a beach setting for a cozy mystery, or any book for that matter, but I do!  And I get very excited when I see a new beach setting book coming out.  It’s always added to my TBR immediately.

I hope you add at least one of these cozy mystery beach reads to your reading list!

Bookish Cozies:  Recommended New Cozy Mystery Books

I doubt there is a cozy mystery reader who doesn’t adore the cozies with some sort of a book-related setting. Give me a library, bookshop, bookmobile, or any other storyline with the word “book” in it, and it’s automatically on my TBR.

I hope you find a new favorite bookish series in this month’s newest recommended new cozy mystery books!

British Cozies: Recommended New Cozy Mystery Books

I think I latched onto British cozy mysteries because I read so much historical fiction. However I discovered them, I still absolutely love a good mystery set in England! It’s such a “British” vibe and really does scream C-O-Z-Y!

Craft & Hobby Cozies: Recommended New Cozy Mystery Books

Crafters and hobbyists, this cozy mystery sub-genre is for you! Whether your fave hobby is needlework like cross stitch or knitting, or maybe you’re an avid quilter,. Whatever the craft or hobby, there’s a cozy mystery series for you.

Check out the latest recommendations for hobby cozy mystery books!

Culinary Cozies:  Recommended New Cozy Mystery Books

Culinary cozies are so plentiful and are really just so much fun! If you like to cook or bake, or maybe you just like to read about cooking and baking, then you likely already read at least one favorite culinary cozy series.

Just in case you need more possibilities, here are the latest recommended new culinary cozy mystery books!

Historical Cozies:  Recommended New Cozy Mystery Books

This is probably my very favorite sub-genre of cozy mysteries. I loosely define a historical cozy mystery as one set pre-1950. I hope you find a new favorite in these recommended new historical cozy mystery books!

Holiday & Seasonal Cozies: Recommended New Cozy Mystery Books

Reading cozy mysteries seasonally is one of my greatest joys in life.  I love re-reading past holiday cozies during a current season, and I’m always so excited for the brand new holiday cozy mystery books.  There are holiday cozies for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and every season or holiday in between!

Light Paranormal, Fantasy & Sci-Fi Cozies: Recommended New Cozy Mystery Books

I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest fan of paranormal books in general.  However, I do find some technically paranormal cozy mysteries enjoyable, and I think this is because I consider them “light paranormal.”  Basically, my definition of light means it’s just not extremely paranormal.  A ghost, talking animals, or a character that has some good (not dark) special characteristics – these fall into my light paranormal cozy reading.

I hope you find a lovely light paranormal read in this month’s recommended new cozy mystery books!

Private Investigator Cozies

Ever since finding Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Milhone mystery series back in the 90s, I have devoured mysteries featuring private investigators, aka PI, private eye, etc. Apparently I’m not the only one because I’m starting to see more PI cozy mysteries, and for that I’m thankful!

Silver Sleuth Cozies: Recommended New Cozy Mystery Books

I have a secret about watching Murder, She Wrote reruns – not only am I getting fashion advice from Jessica Fletcher, but I’m learning the skills I need to be an amazing Silver Sleuth in the second half of my lifetime! (C’mon, I know you secretly want that superpower, too!)

Just a note that you may define “silver sleuth” a bit differently than I do, which is ok. I roughly categorize by such things as being older than 55-ish, sleuths living in retirement communities, and such.

I bet you’ll find a new read in this month’s latest silver sleuth recommended new cozy mystery books!

Small Town Cozies

I know that the definition of cozy mysteries usually includes a small town setting, and for good reason. The small town vibe is classically cozy so of course it’s a good setting for cozies! There is not shortage of fabulous new cozy mystery books that are set in a small town atmosphere, and here are my top picks from this month’s choices.

Cozy Mystery Books Featuring Writers

I’ve come across a few cozy mystery books that feature writers but aren’t really “book-ish” cozies, such as those with journalists as the main character. I think any story featuring a writer of any type is worth a read! Here are the new cozy mysteries featuring writers that I recommend.

Women Sleuth Cozies: Recommended New Cozy Mystery Books

The women sleuths of the cozy mystery world are a varied and delightful group!  There are fun and quirky sleuths, tough and determined, and everything in between.  I know you will find a new female sleuth BFF in this latest batch of new books!

Young Adult (YA) Cozies

This is new here at the Cozy Mystery Bookshop where I’m actually showcasing YA, or young adult, cozy mystery books separately. I’m definitely not a young adult, but I still read books in this sub-genre and love them! Here are my top picks for YA cozy mysteries publishing this month.

Cozy Mysteries of Other Sub-Genres

Finally, we reach the catch-all group of cozies that I lump into “other sub-genres.” I will eventually come up with more category ideas to use!