Welcome to the Cozy Mystery Bookshop!

My early fascination with reading became an obsession when I discovered the Nancy Drew Mysteries at age eleven. Oh, that summer! I sat under pine trees and read novel after novel, immersing myself in the mysteries that intrigued the residents of River Heights and challenged Nancy to solve them. 

Decades later, I still love mysteries, but the vast majority of the novels I read are cozy mysteries, devoid of overt violence and vulgarity. I love to read them, analyze them, talk about them, promote them, and bask in their wonderfulness. They have truly enriched my life.

Now that you’ve joined me at Cozy Mystery Bookshop, I hope we can share our love for cozy mysteries—or cozies, in the vernacular of the besotted.

I enjoy conversing about all things cozy mystery-related, so please feel free to shoot me an email at jenny@cozymysterybookshop.com.